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    Four Steps To Reinventing Your Career

    When it was Eric Schmidt’s turn, he must have done a pretty good job. His efforts were impressive enough to Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to convince them he was the CEO to take their company into the future. But entrepreneurs and CEOs alike will tell you that the kind of job Schmidt took on is not easy. It’s easier to start a new business or project than keep an existing one going. To correct your course when you have already started, when you realize mid-race you’re not heading in the right direction, is more complicated.

    So how do you reinvent yourself?

    Step 1: Clarify the situation. What has changed that requires a reinvention?

    Step 2: Assess your assets

    Step 3: Listen for needs.

    Step 4: Define your strategy.

    Here’s the full story. 

    [Image: Flickr user Adam Brill]

    Nice article.

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