1. karenhurley:

    "Some things should never be for sale. Let’s end child slavery at nochildforsale.ca"  - World Vision Ad Campaign

    Advertising Agency: KBS+, Canada


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  3. newyorker:

    Samanth Subramanian on India’s elections and Narendra Modi’s stunning victory: http://nyr.kr/1sXpTxQ

    “What looked a few weeks ago like a mere dramatic change of government now appears to be a seismic shift, arguably the most significant in India since 1977, when the Congress was voted out after three decades in power.”

    Above: Narendra Modi waves to supporters; Varanasi, India, April 24, 2014. Photograph by Kevin Frayer/Getty.

    (Source: newyorker.com)

  4. chrisburkard:

    To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of LIFE.

    Anyone know who said this quote? Besides being in secret life of Walter Mitty.

    Either way it’s a motto worth living by.

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  5. "@yoyoha: how to be healthy
    1. always eat breakfast
    2. have a light lunch
    3. enjoy a sensible dinner
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  7. Beautiful #Manipur view from @myhome #crashpad


  8. "@adamlevine: Whenever Twitter recommends I follow people who are apparently “just like me” I start to realize I’m not as awesome as I thought I was."
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